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NIW: Privacy policy

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Introduction: Our services are content based, wherein we produce content on lifestyle aspects and employee related issues. Our services are as below: Short lifestyle cards and book abstracts. Job advertisements New Technological Innovations The app doesn’t control your privacy. You can use our services by choosing not to provide the details. Furthermore, you can access the content by logging into our app. Information we collect We collect your basic personal information like name, email id when you are signed in and your resume and basic details about your job preferences, strengths and weakness are collected; which would not be used only for providing better services. The background information allow us to understand your employment and personal interests and other characteristics which would help in curating the content personalized for you. Access to your gallery and documents can be entirely controlled by you. The information we collect and how it would be used can be wholly managed by your privacy controls.

Why 'NIW' collects Information? We collect it to curate the best personalized services for you. For instance, the information you provide regarding your area of work would help us to build services around you and send recommendations that would align with your interest. We also collect information to build better services, develop new ones and improve our existing services. Privacy Controls Activity Controls Decide what types of activity you’d like to save in your account. For example, About you You can decide whether your profile picture would appear or your resume would be accessible. Information Sharing The information you provide would be shared with third party based on the permissions you would give in the app.

You can control whether your information can be shared, with whom it can be shared and till when. Retaining your Information We would retain your information for (a) time you would delete the information or (b) time till the app stands active. Compliance and Cooperation with Regulators All the information in NIW is processed and used within India, and the privacy laws of the land are always followed and updated as per the change in the Government Policy. All the protections laid in this document are strictly adhered to.

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